Our First Impressions Team exists to greet, direct, treat, and seat all who enter our doors.

Our First Impressions Team roles consist of:
  • Cafe Servers - Show hospitality through the serving of coffee and snacks.
  • Greeters - Welcome people warmly with a smile and hello.
  • Hosts - Seek out those who are first-time guests to ensure they feel comfortable.
  • Prayer Team - Prays for the people walking through our doors to be blessed by our service.
  • Snack Squad - Provides snacks for people to enjoy after the service.
  • Ushers - See to the seating and safety of all in our building.

Our First Impressions Team is for those who love meeting new people and are enthusiastic about hospitality.  This team is all about ensuring the best experience for every person who comes through our doors, from start to finish.
Join our First Impressions Team to...
  • grow your Give  root,
  • serve using your strengths,
  • meet new people, and
  • give to others out of the abundance God has given you.